KITE FM 149 - Thank God It's Friday

31.01.14, 15:54:17 von starzone
Kiter... knows how to party!
Welcome tor the weekend session productions with the finest in electro and house music * by KITE FM
Drop your glasses, shake your asses. Face screwed up like you having hot flashes. Which one, pick one, this one, classic. Red from blonde, yeah bitch I'm drastic... Happy Weekend!
Flash: Thank God It's Friday is a 1978 film directed by Robert Klane and produced by Motown Productions and Casablanca Filmworks for Columbia Pictures.
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  1. Alex sagt:
    Coole show!!!
  2. Melanie sagt:
    Danke für den schönen mix von euch!
    Gruß nach Lissabon

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